jealousy, is a disease

 Jealousy, is a disease

anbusenja -  Jealousy, is a disease

Jealousy, usually used as a reference to find out how much love for someone. But do you know, if jealousy is a disease. Before going to this level. Same! I also use these parameters to find out someone's seriousness. But, since I was a former by my last ex, and then continued towards an acute single which was almost 10th of the time, it made me no longer think about it.

How do you want to buy jealousy, if a gril just dont a girl. Hahaha

Try it, read in several dictionaries, later it will explain that jealousy is asking for negative diretction

The rest, just find it yourself. Because this time, i don't want to write quality articles anymore. Just want to write a diary during the holidays a few days ago.

Jealous of the husband

The story,

Me and my Ojob (read = Bojo / Wife) to guests from Surabaya. My Ojob brother intentionally came to Jogja for vacation. There is Tante, Om, Om's son, Adeknya Aunt, Aunt's niece, and her husband Aunt's niece.

Confused, you know? Sorry Deliberately e. Hehehe.


Right there. In Borobudur, the Om signed the aunt's niece if her husband was deceived by a girl. The cooker also with his auntie. And responded bitterly with Aunt's nephew.

I know that, it's not really like that. Because the admission is really Ignore. Especially with that.

My Diari Other:

If you go to Borobudur Temple, it's not complete if you don't feel tired going upstairs. Likewise with us. When I arrived at the top, I was frantically looking for me who accidentally circled the main Stupa, (wkwkwk) we went down.

When I want to go down, when my ojob and brother are first while I am behind, there are two girls who approach me, From a distance, of course, only the interaction between the two opposite sex and clearly does not sound what they say. Even though they actually asked for interesting photo spots.

Maybe it was thought by amateur photographers, huh. Even though it's really yes. Hehehe,

When you get below. My ojob told me earlier that the Om said "Your husband was told by the two girls," with his look Ignore also (heish. Match is like a reflection of himself that is really true cuy. -_-) My ojob says easily to this "ah, just let it be om "I looked away from the Om.

yes at least, that's the story of the version of my ojob.

Very contrary to Aunt's nephew who was very clearly jealous. In fact, they were first married. And one of them still looks like a schoolgirl.

As her husband, I'm proud to see respect for my ojob like that. Hihihi

Building Trust in a Relationship

Hehehe, when I was told that, I just grinned.

How not to try. With a flat face, letting me the note is her husband, two girls are deceived (if I think it's pretty, white. One feminine and only Tomboy) is right in front of him and seems to leave it.

It's strange. Yeah, weird, if you still think that jealousy is your partner's feeling parameters.

Even though the truth is, the real parameter to knowing your partner's feelings is your trust in your partner.

It's hard to build it, especially if one of them is still unstable and still puts forward his ego. But it is not impossible if it is done regularly repeatedly.

When I first got to know him, my ojob was very unstable. Heavy jealousy. But because I often convince it little by little, then the confidence begins to form

Generally, if one partner is in one place with someone who is known to have a certain relationship in the past, usually he will do a maximum level of protective attitude towards him.

But not with my ojob. Jealousy yes, but if it's protective or not.

My ojob already knows and indeed I have told you far in advance. If I work with a girl I once estimated and I shoot then reject. Even today, I'm still a department with that girl.

At first, Ojobku was suspicious, distrustful, furious. But gradually he began to understand and understand the meaning of a belief.

Nor did I also merely take advantage of the situation by approaching the girl again. What I have is that I even distance myself from the girl, and interact naturally.

The reason is that my ojob has appreciated my position where I work with him. And Feedback, I appreciate this by not wasting his trust. With or without his knowledge.

^ _ ^

I'm just a man who learns to (still) respect women.

The conclusion

If you want your relationship healthy. Don't over restrict your partner's movements. even though there are the opposite sex who like and approach your partner.

You can install horses, but don't attack immediately. Pay attention.

If your partner doesn't respond, and tells what actually happened to his awareness, then he is worthy of appreciation. He tried to avoid being misunderstood.

But if your partner begins to respond, and seems to have something to hide. Then you need to take action.


how healthy is your relationship so far guys?

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